One more act of self-care just isn’t gonna do it…

There was nothing left to give.

Day after day I sat in the recliner, eating ice cream, scrolling through Facebook, and watching reruns of Law & Order.

My girls got themselves up, ready for school, and fed each morning. (Thankfully they were capable of doing that.) Dinner was whatever was fast, easy, and didn’t require a lot of thought.

I would somehow always manage to pull myself together enough for work and turn on my public persona of “I’m great! How are you?” 🙂 Then I would return home to the recliner and the TV, and check out of my life. 😶

I was done.
I was empty.

So empty that it took every ounce of energy to function and take care of the most basic necessities. So empty that there was nothing left for me. Or my kids. Or my husband.

And no act of self-care was going to change it.

Believe me… I tried! I went on a trip with girlfriends. I had mani-pedis and massages. 💅🏻💆🏻‍♀️ I did all the bubble baths and naps. And none of it worked.

Sure, I would feel better for a bit, and I do believe self care is important… It just looks different for me now.

So many mama’s feel discouraged when it comes to managing the stress of a mom life, whether working or stay-at-home. Many of us are starting to recognize the impact it’s having on our physical and mental health. Most of us understand that the pressures of society aren’t helping. 😫

We get unsolicited advice from every direction.
We hear warnings and parenting horror stories at every turn.
We feel the need to justify every decision we make.
We are expected to be fully present and allow our children to just live while keeping a spotless, decluttered house.
We have to go to work, drive the kids, get the groceries, make the dinner, help with homework, clean the uniforms,… And still be fresh, sexy, and available to our spouses. 💋

We are devoting every waking minute to what we are “supposed to be” doing for our families and our jobs. So much so that we are neglecting ourselves!

Then starts the guilt. You know, that little voice that says, “What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you handle all of this? Everyone else does. You just need to try harder.” 🤦🏻‍♀️

And that guilt is being perpetuated by the world around us.

Well, I say no more!

It’s time for us to refuse to buy in.
It’s time for us to take back our own lives.
It’s time to be vulnerable, be authentic, be honest with ourselves and those around us.

Small acts of self-care just aren’t going to cut it. It’s time for us to really, truly take care of our bodies, our minds, and our spirits, so that we can take care of our families the way they truly deserve.

And we might just Inspire another mama to do it too.

If you are feeling burnt out, bingeing on ice cream and Law & Order, (or whatever your guilty pleasures are) and you want to move back to a state of balance, reach out. I would love to support you on this journey. ❤️

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