How's Your Balance?

Identify what should really be on your schedule & how it all fits

for the busy Mama wanting to get clear about obligations and priorities so she can finally fit it all in

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Ever feel like you fill your schedule is overflowing with everybody BUT YOU?
Are you struggling to fit it all in day after day?
Are you tired of going non-stop and feeling like you’re getting further behind?

I see you over there with your planner, searching for a place to add that yoga class or a massage, ​but it’s filled with work and kids’ practices and who knows what else…

I hear you saying you need to exercise more and eat healthier, but you barely even have enough time to get a shower most days…

I know you are so tired of knowing what you need to be doing, but never finding the time to actually get it done…

Hi! l’m Chrystal and l’ve been where you are now.

That was my life, day after day, for way too many years! 

I would drag myself out of bed every morning
get my girls off to school
straighten up the house a bit
head off to work
pick up the girls
take them to practice
go back to work
pick up the girls and head home
(I’m tired… maybe I need to rest a minute. Nope. No time for that,,,)
try to pull together something for dinner
help with homework
clean the kitchen
spend a few minutes with my husband
do a load or two of laundry
(did I get a shower this morning? I can’t even remember now…)
watch a little TV to try to unwind
fall into bed, exhausted…
and get ready to do it all again tomorrow!

Sound familiar?

The problem is that
I got really good at putting everyone else first and me last, if at all.

Until I crashed. Hard.

My mind and body said, “NO MORE!”

At that point I wasn’t even good at taking care of my family. My kids and my marriage were being neglected, because I had NOTHING left to give to ANYBODY.

That’s when I knew I had to make a change.

So, abracadabra, presto-chango, right?

Ha! NO!!! If it were that easy I would have done it long before.

absolutely could not keep going like that.

My husband and kids deserved so much more than that.

And so did I!

So, I decided to get the help and support I needed so I could make those changes ​and give us all what we deserved.

I did what it took to get my priorities in line and start to make them happen. And that led me to create this offer for you so you can have the healthy, happy family you deserve too.

How’s Your Balance?
identify what should really be on your schedule & how it all fits

This is a 60-minute in-depth look at your non-negotiable obligations, YOUR priorities, and your current schedule.

It’s the perfect way to lay out how you spend your time, so you can see if there is consistency or chaos in your schedule, and so you can map out what’s important to you, and fit those things into your life.

It’s exactly what a busy Mama needs when you’re ready to take back control of your life, instead of just letting it happen TO you.​​

I know what you’re thinking…

I’ve been there too, remember?

    First, you’re wondering just how much this will cost you. I mean, you’ve got kids and they’ve got all these activities that all cost money.

    Well, you can relax. This hour focused on you and your schedule is probably less than you spend on coffee and concession stand food!

    It’s only $97!

    And I know what else you’re thinking.

    I know you’re worried that I’m going to tell you to quite your job, pull your kids out of all those activities, and stay home to cook healthy meals, right?

    Let’s get real, Mama… that’s not your style or else you would be doing it already. And I would NEVER presume to tell you how you should be living your life and raising your kids. YOU are the only expert at that!

    What I am going to do is help you get it all out of your head and onto paper where you can see every last detail. Then, together we will sort it all out and map out an ideal plan for you that will give you clarity and hope that you really can do all the things you actually want to do, ​like get to that yoga class or even finally enjoy a shower!

    And at $97, how can you afford not to do it?

    Don’t just take my word for it…

    “Chrystal is great to work with! She helped me get clear about my scheduling, taking the time to chat, getting to know me, and helping me get clear about my absolute priorities and what could be put on hold or done later, making my days easier and more productive. Thank you, Chrystal!”

    Jenn Goudie-Coates, Certified Health Coach

    “Chrystal has been wonderful to work with. She has helped me accomplish tasks that I have wanted to do for years and helped me realize better ways to look at difficult situations.”

    Linda Brockman

    Imagine have the clarity you need to accomplish all your priorities… you deserve this!

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