Find Your Balance

Health Routine

for the busy Mama who is ready to have the healthy, happy family she wants and deserves

Tell me if I’m right…

Are you worn out and overwhelmed?
Do you feel like you’re racing from one task to the next and losing yourself in the process?
Have you tried all the quick fixes and latest health trends only to land right back where you started?

Hey Mama. I see you…

  • You probably feel like you are disappearing in middle of all life’s chaos.
  • You’re struggling to fit in a little bit of exercise and a decent night’s sleep.
  • You’re tired of feeling like you never get a minute to yourself, ​right?

Now, I know that you know how to take care of yourself, but you think you can’t possibly do any of it until the kids grow up and move out.

Well, I learned the hard way that waiting wasn’t going to work for me. If I didn’t take care of myself, I wouldn’t be able to take care of my family or anyone else.

Hi. l’m Chrystal,

and l’ve been there.

I spent so much time doing all the things I was “supposed to do” as a wife and mom… and I neglected myself. I didn’t eat well, or sleep enough, or get much exercise. And there was rarely any self-care or quiet time!

I kept up that pace for so long, (it’s what a busy Mama does, right?) that I sent my body into a health crisis.

I was struggling with depression and anxiety.
My weight kept creeping up no matter what I ate or didn’t eat.
My joints and muscles ached endlessly.
And I was so tired. No matter how much I slept or rested, I was still exhausted!

It got so bad that I nearly ruined a family vacation because I was so miserable!

And the worst part was I couldn’t get any answers from my doctors. It was so frustrating!!!

Until I started to pay attention to what I was eating and how I was living.

When I cleaned up my diet and focused on my sleep patterns, when I started to prioritize ME, I finally saw some improvement. And I started to feel so much better.

had more energy.
My thoughts became clearer.
My mood improved.
I hurt less.

I learned that
I had to prioritize taking care of me.

And I learned how to do it without sacrificing my family!

Once I finally moved through this, I decided I just had to help other Mama’s avoid this crash. 

And that’s why I created this program…

Find Your Balance
Health Routine

This is for the busy mama who is ready to have the kind of health and energy she needs to keep up with her family and set a good example for them.

In this individual, customized program, you will:


discover and practice ways to reduce your stress and increase your energy so you can actually achieve and maintain your healthy goals.


make simple and sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle so you can get back to the life you really want with your family.


set up the conditions for success so you can turn healthy habits into behaviors that last.

This is the perfect way to get started on YOUR journey from burnout to balance.

You can do all this for an investment of only

$1997 or 4 payments of $599

What’s included in this program?

12 weekly, private coaching sessions in which I’ll share relevant, practical and actionable information and exercises.


a customized program filled with techniques and strategies, motivation and mindset, and lots of loving support and accountability (AKA tough love).

But wait… there’s more!

(hehe, #sorrynotsorry)

Bonus #1

How’s Your Balance? Identify what should really be on your schedule & how it all fits  – a 60-minute session to look at your obligations, priorities and schedule so you can fit in what’s important to you. ($197 value)

Bonus #2

A 90-minute deep-dive transformational coaching session in which we can explore any mental blocks that may come up for you as you work through these changes. ($297 value)

Bonus #3

Available support between sessions during business hours, by text or email so you can get answers to all your questions and not feel like you’re doing this alone. ($497 value)

Bonus #4

Customized resources specially chosen to help you reach your goals even faster than you thought possible. A favorite example is Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? , a book by Dr. Mark Hyman with tons of information about which foods are actually good for you and why. ($30 value)

You know you deserve to take care of yourself!

$1997 or 4 payments of $599

This is a customized program, based on what YOU need most. These are just a few examples of possible areas we can focus…

    Honoring Hunger & Fullness

    So many of us eat because it’s time to eat, or because the kids are eating, and we tend to lose all sense of hunger and fullness.

    Create awareness of hunger & fullness in your body.

    Learn strategies to honor your body instead of eating out of habit or boredom or whatever else.

    Practice a body-mind-heart scan to recognize your reason for eating.

    Clean up Your Diet

    You’ve heard all the rhetoric… go gluten-free, don’t eat sugar, maybe you should be following such & such diet… How do you know which one is for you?

    Get information to help you decide what you should or should not be eating.

    Experiment with dietary options to determine what really is best for YOUR body.

    Learn tips & techniques to make it easy to make the changes you need.

    Self Sabotage

    We all fall victim to it… We start off with a bang. Then when things get hard, we just give up. Perfectionism, anyone?

    Get to the reasons behind YOUR self-sabotage so you can finally move past it.

    Learn to look at sabotage with curiosity, rather than judgement.

    Practice a mental rehearsal helping create pleasure in healthy activities, making them easy to follow through on.

    Reduce Toxins in Your Life & Home

    We are being bombarded with toxins from every direction in our lives. What can you do to reduce it’s effects?

    Get information to help you decide which changes you need to make for your family.

    Learn which changes can have the most impact.

    Learn tips & techniques to help you make changes without spending a small fortune or giving up all that is important to you.

    Don’t just  take my word for it…

    Small chunks can make a large difference…

    I thoroughly enjoyed my 90-day program with 180 Health & Life Coaching. Chrystal provided a great listening ear without judgement and was able to make suggestions for improvements I had never considered.

    Each session felt personal and tailored to me instead of just generic advice. She helped me realize small chunks can make a large difference in the overall scheme of things. 

    I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone who wants to make changes in their health and life!

    Sarah Ferrara, Busy Mama
    Lifestyle Blogger – Lipstick & Lagniappe

    Helped me make sense of the craziness…

    Chrystal and I knew each other on a professional level before I started working with her one on one in health and life coaching. Now I would consider her a friend. She’s that friend who always has exactly the right thing to say to you at the right time, and she helps you to explore all options of how you are feeling and making decisions in your life with absolutely no judgement. She has amazing tools and amazing practices that she helps you to easily put into place in your already crazy life, and makes it simple and not overwhelming to do so.

    Taking this course was the best yes for the place that I am in life, because it helped me make sense of the craziness that comes with motherhood and being a working mom. It also helped me overcome some struggles of being a people pleaser and doing nothing for myself.

    I 100% suggest that you take any course you can with Chrystal. She is caring, genuine and completely in it for what is best for you.

    Brianna Morton, Busy Mama
    Manager & Coach – Garland’s Gymnastics

    I am thrilled with my decision to hire Chrystal as my coach. I appreciate her professionalism, backed by warmth and compassion. I am not quite halfway through her 90-day program, and I am very pleased with the insight I have gained and the direction I am heading. She helped me determine my priorities, and with her gentle, non-judgemental guidance she helped me align my actions with my priorities. THAT FEELS GREAT!

    I feel significantly more Healthy, Balanced and JOYFUL and feel more accepting of myself, yet feel confident that I am intentionally heading in the direction I want to go. THANK YOU Chrystal!

    Barbara May
    Director of Client Solutions
    3rd Level Consulting
    National Rated Gymnastics Judge

    I absolutely love working with Chrystal!

    Since we started this journey together, she has helped me uncover and address various aspects in relation to my health. I even lost a few pounds! The accountability she provides is priceless, making sure that I stay on track with the action steps that we set together each week. 

    Chrystal has an easy way about her – helping me get out of my own head and stay focused on what comes next (essential for me as I tend to get too far ahead of myself and often give up as a result of being in complete overwhelm).

    Chrystal has excellent coaching skills, and I know exactly where I would be if I hadn’t started working with her – exactly where I was! Highly recommend!

    Kristi Rae
    Business Identity Coach
    Kristi Rae Coaching


    Now, I hear you, Mama. You’re probably saying you can’t afford it because of the kids and all their activities, right?

    Let me ask you this…
    Do your kids deserve to have you at your best?

    This is something that would truly benefit you and them and anyone else in your life.

    And I’ll say it again… you deserve it!

    I won’t promise it’s easy. But I will promise some good insight mixed with some sassiness, a bit of fun, and results toward your healthier life!

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