Let’s Talk Water

Are you drinking enough water?💦 How do you know?🤷🏻‍♀️ Are you using the standard of 8 glasses a day?🥛 (I know that’s a milk glass, but I couldn’t find a water glass emoji, so let’s pretend, okay? 😉)

Well, let’s talk about how to know if you are getting enough…

A good rule of thumb is this: divide ➗ your weight (pounds) in half, and start with that many ounces each day. Then add ➕ for any caffeinated or alcoholic drinks (these are both dehydrating), one-for-one. You may also need to add ➕ more water if you exercise a lot or if you live in a warm climate – basically, if you sweat a lot, you need even more water. The idea is to keep yourself thoroughly hydrated!

Now, how do you do that? 🤔

A few of my favorite tips are:

  1. ​Start each day drinking water. Before you do anything else, drink a small glass of water. 🥛 It gives your body a kick-start in the morning, and it gets you one glass closer to your goal!​
  2. Infuse it with fruit. Add some lemons,🍋 limes, berries, cucumbers…🥒 This adds a bit of flavor to change things up, without adding dehydrating ingredients. I love to use frozen fruit in place of ice in the hot summer months!
  3. Track how much you are drinking. 📈🧮 We tend to overestimate what we are doing, so the only way to be sure you are drinking enough is to track it. I offer some tips on how to do this here.

I know this may seem basic, but it really is important to properly hydrate our bodies. If you want some support with this or any other healthy goal, let’s talk. That’s just one of the many ways I can help.

Cheers! 🥛🥛(Thank you for pretending with me! 😊)

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