Let’s Talk About Meals

How many times do you eat each day?

Do you time your meals at regular intervals?

Do you sit and enjoy your meals or scarf them down on the way to your next appointment?

And how do you know what’s best?

There is so much controversy over when to eat, what to eat, how much or how often… how can you possibly know what is right?

May I offer that the better question is, what is right for YOU?

Some things are agreed on almost universally, such as scarfing down your meal while on the go is not the best idea. Sometimes it is a necessary evil, but it really shouldn’t be the norm if you want to have a healthy, happy body.

But what about the rest of it? 

The best way to know for sure is to conduct an experiment and see how your body functions best. (I can help guide you through this if you need some support. Just go here to schedule a free strategy session.)

There is growing evidence that the best way to structure meals is within a set window of time, usually about 8 hours, and at regular intervals. Our bodies crave consistency, even in mealtimes. 

There is also evidence showing that three solid meals, with breakfast being the largest, lunch in the middle, and dinner being the lightest, can be the most healthy option. This allows your body to move through it natural rhythms and function in the way it was meant to do. 

What do you think? Is there a way that works best for you? Or do you have questions about any of this? Let me know in the comments!

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